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Neck Pain Management: Effects of Massage Therapy and Stretching on Pain Reduction

If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! The use of massage therapy for pain reduction and management of pain has been known within the massage circles for many years. Its use in chronic pain with concomitant degenerative bone disease is not as well known. With a lack of research in pain management studies over the past few years, it has always been up to clinical experience from the massage practitioner to ascertain the benefits of massage therapy in pain management. With the trends in healthcare pointing to outcomes-based practice, it is becoming more important for complimentary practitioners to perform some type of outcomes metrics analysis to show benefits of their craft with persons with specific physical conditions.  In case of neck pain users can take medicines such as tapentadol tablets, soma pills and in case of sleep deprivation they can take modafinil 200 mg tablets online from our web store.

With this report, we are using simple statistics to report the benefits of a specific type of massage therapy (segmental pressure point) on the pain levels and overall health of a university employee who has been suffering from chronic pain levels for many years. The question we asked when we began this case study project with this employee was: What effect does long term massage have on reducing pain symptoms in a person with chronic degenerative bone disease? Massage Therapy Methods Our massage program is part of a university wellness program sponsored for over 300 departmental staff personnel. The wellness program consists of weight management, smoking cessation, stretch break classes, and general health education instruction for persons within the department.

We also offer 15 minute massage and stretching sessions for staff members who have more chronic health conditions. This program is under the supervision of the wellness program supervisor, and sessions are performed by wellness program staff as part of their education requirements. All are required to put in a specific amount of hours of hands-on programming as part of their curriculum. Over the past year and a half, we have performed pressure point massage therapy on water quality systems inspector who at the time of this writing is 61 years of age, and has worked in his present setting for 19 years.

He weighs 148 lbs, and was diagnosed with a degerative bone condition called ankylosing spondylitis in 1989.To say that our staff member has some medical issues is an understatement. He has surgically fused vertebrae in his neck region (C6-7), and in the low back region (L-4-5). He is diagnosed with spinal and metacarpal (hand) arthritis, and has had both hips replaced with titanium replacements within the past seven years. He takes six types of pain and anti-inflammatory medicines each day, including Prednisone (which he has taken since 1988). He has had both of his hips pop out of their socket within the past four years, requiring emergency room reinstallation procedures, and within the past six months has had both thumb saddle joints (metacarpal) surgically repaired to reduce arthritis effects. Such is the case of neck pain, to feel instantly relieved do take modafinil tablets online for better treatment of pain management.

Publish On01/12/2019