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Privacy Policy

Customers’ profile security and personal identification protection is one of the most important criteria for consideration while formulating the privacy policy of our website. Our privacy policy works hand in hand with the amount of medicines you have ordered from the list of medicines and how much they exceed our limit of privacy policy. As customers putting in their investment on our website for their medical needs we assure to give them complete security and privacy for the data shared with us. Here are some of the highlights about the privacy policy of SupremePharmacy :

  • As it is obvious that customers do not want to disclose to the whole world about their purchases. We at SupremePharmacyrx ensure that any kind of personal information about the customer is kept as deep dark secret. We assure you that any information or data shared with SupremePharmacyrx is never going to be used for any promotional activities.
  • When it comes to securing something technologically, you need to have the right technology to do it and SupremePharmacyrx is proud to boast of advanced SSL technology. Yes, we are talking about the technology that we use in securing and protecting our customers’ personal information and profile. The SSL that we have is equipped with advanced security norms that automatically secures the information of the customer and hence forth never leads to any hassle.
  • We at www.supremepharmacyrx.com make prior precautions that our customer’s personal information as well credit card and bank account details are securely transacted to avoid any scams or frauds. We use a technology that enables you to get an encrypted form of your details so no one can see it except you. Your account confidentiality is our first priority. The information that you provide us will not be shared with any third party to avoid misuse.