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Prescription Policy

We at, www.supremepharmacyrx.com believe only in providing suitably prescribed medication by the doctor as we don’t want our customers to suffer from any ill effects or side effects that might lead to some other diseases or serious health concerns. We only deal with the medicines prescribed by the best of the best doctors though we don’t offer any healthcare guidance but we have some of the great doctors associated with us incase you end up with any side effects or the product does not showing any significant results.

As we have experiences and qualified team of doctors, we can assure you that they will take care of all the authentic purchase of medicines that you buy from SupremePharmacyrx and advice you on all the steps involved in taking the medication in the right format.

Though we take all precautions from our side we suggest our customers to take the medication as prescribed by the physician in order to avoid any adverse effects.

We inform our customers in case of any legal concerns as we are completely professional and we want our customers to be satisfied with our services. Here are couple of important things which we might want to inform our consumers as we do not want a depraved relation and want our business going strong with full satisfaction of our customers.

Listed here are few points where we are not legally concerned :

• If an unauthenticated physician prescribes a medication which may lead to some allergic effects we are not responsible for that but all we can do is suggest you the right after medication from the best team of doctors that we have got.

• We suggest you to take the medication as per the Doctor’s guidance and in the right dosage or it may lead to bizarre side effects.

NOTE : If you take the medication as per the physician’s advice you will not have to face any kind of hassle and also you will get the right positive effects of the medications. Just follow the right dosage amount and how to take it and you are all set to become fine within no matter of time.