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Guarantee Policy

Most of the people around the globe think twice before buying any medication online as there are risks of not getting the product on time or the risks of product being unsafe and fake. We at www.supremepharmacyrx.com want to give you a clear picture of Our Guarantee Policy which will not make you think twice before placing your order. We have always thrived hard to build trust between our customers and business :

  • All the listed Medicines on our website are approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and by far have had no side effects or any other risk factor on our customers. They are made by the best of the best Medicine manufacturers around the globe. We have had a good past record of no complaints from our customers about the quality and healing effects of the medicines.
  • We guarantee our customers that they will be receiving the product on the exact mentioned time given by us.
  • There are many cases in which a customer could face problems of hanging order which exceeds the time of 25-30 days and that is due to some shipment problems or Custom services problem. However, there is nothing to worry as we fully satisfy our customers by compensating the delay in delivery times by offering them with free shipping.
  • If, in case the product fail to get delivery due to certain reason are liable to get refund facility of a full amount (condition noted).
  • Other than Shipment problems or Custom Services problem, if you do not receive your product you are completely liable to claim refund for the full amount (Some conditions Noted as already mentioned in our refund policy).
  • To be precise about our Guarantee Policy, all that we can say is, one, we deliver the product at the right time to the right person, second, we give the best product made from the best companies, and last but not the least we guarantee that you will receive the accurate product at the best cost without any negative or adverse effects.