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Abortion kit to terminate unwanted pregnancy by home abortion method

Abortions lead to trauma and pain for the woman. Unwanted pregnancies are a major cause for abortion and it is critical for a woman to decide on the kind of abortion procedure to adopt. Abortion Pills ate highly economical and one of the easiest ways of terminating pregnancy. SupremePharmacyrx.com is an online pharmacy store that sells abortion pills online for terminating unwanted or early pregnancies. Supremepharmacyrx.com sells various abortion pills like Mifeprex Kit, Mifegest Kit, Cytolog and RU 486 Kit. These abortion pills help a woman terminate pregnancy that is not more than 49 days old. The advantage of using abortion pills for terminating pregnancy is that women need not undergo any surgical procedure.

Why Buy Abortion pills online from SupremePharmacyrx.com?

  • Best online pharmacy store with wide range of abortion pills like Mifegest, Cytotec, Mifeprex and RU 486.
  • All the abortion pills sold on SupremePharmacyrx.com are approved by regulated medicine authorities.
  • We deliver on time to ensure that the pregnancy does not exceed 49 days.
  • 100% satisfaction and positive outcomes.
  • You can buy abortion pills online cheap from SupremePharmacyrx.com at best discounted rates.
  • Exceptional customer service and 24x7 helpline assistance.

How do Abortion Pills work?

Abortion pills like Mifeprex tablet, Mifegest pill, Cytotec pills and RU 486 tablets block the production of progesterone hormone which is responsible for preparing the lining of the uterus for the egg to maintain the pregnancy. The pregnancy cannot continue if progesterone hormone is not produced because the uterus lining becomes soft and then breaks down. This leads to termination of pregnancy through heavy vaginal bleeding. Abortion Pills like Mifeprex pills, Mifegest tablets, Cytotec tablet and RU 486 pills are followed by a prostaglandin which helps in contracting the uterus to complete the process. Using abortion pills is a safe abortion technique and can be easily performed a home without the consent of anyone.

Advantages of Using Abortion Pills

With the availability of abortion pills online, terminating pregnancies has become comparatively easy. Here are some benefits of using abortion pills for putting an end to unwanted pregnancies-

  • Easiest non-surgical way of terminating a pregnancy
  • Minimal side effects
  • Easily available online on SupremePharmacyrx.com at affordable price
  • Does not require the consent of a second person
  • Result is guaranteed.

Who should not use Abortion Pills?

  • If your pregnancy is more than 49 days old then avoid taking any abortion pills like Cytolog, MTP kit, RU-486.
  • If you are having an intra-uterine device installed in the vagina, make sure it is removed before you take any of the abortion pills.
  • Women having chronic adrenal failures should avoid taking abortion pills.
  • If you are on steroids, say a big NO to abortion pills.
  • Women with bleeding problems or infections should not use Mifegest pill, Cytotec tablets, RU 486 tablets or Mifeprex tablets.

Safety Information to Follow When Using Abortion Pills

Vaginal bleeding and cramping are normal when a pregnancy terminates. However, if a woman notices potentially life threatening or serious infections or bleeding then they should immediately seek medical attention from a Gynaecologist.

After-Effects of Using Abortion Pills

There are no side effects after the usage of abortion pills like Mifegest pills, RU 486 pills, Cytotec pills and Mifeprex tablets and woman can become pregnant again.

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